The Meditation Lounge - Sri Yoga, Yoga Dance, Meditation.

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The Meditation Lounge provides the space for you to reconnect with what is true and the wisdom within. Abbey holds morning and afternoon sessions of her unique “Deva Yoga Dance?course in this private and serene space, focusing on meditation, Sri Yoga and yoga dance. Meditation calms the mind, and the dances open up all the chakras to prepare for the attainment of yoga.

Sri Yoga is a holistic way of energizing and integrating your mind, body and soul through gentle yet effective asanas and pranayamas. Over the years Abbey has developed her own very popular blend of Sri Yoga and yoga dance, and out of these were born the Deva Yoga Dance experiences and the Sri Retreats.

The yoga is performed in the Meditation Lounge, or weather permitting, in the environs of beautiful Vouvant.

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Deva Yoga Dance

The Deva Yoga Dance experiences

We focus on a number of experiences throughout the year. You can see Abbey performing them in the below videos, or subscribe to the Deva Yoga Dance YouTube channel.

Each of the five experiences is based in essence on the ancient namaskaras, with sacred wisdom woven through them as golden, guiding sutras performed as meditation in movement and finding their freedom in form, ultimately preparing the body for the attainment of yoga and your union with the divine within.

We also share a number of meditations below, which you can use any time you need an antidote to the stresses of modern living.

Visit our You Tube channel to see some of our videos.

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